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Filename Version Release Date Size SLOC Notes
glvis-3.4.tgz v3.4 May 2018 199K 27K
glvis-3.3.tgz v3.3 Jan 2017 180K 25K
glvis-3.2.tgz v3.2 Jun 2016 182K 25K
glvis-3.1.tgz v3.1 Feb 2016 178K 24K
glvis-3.0.tgz v3.0 Jan 2015 174K 23K
glvis-d32411e0e4.tgz N/A Jul 2014 171K 22K Development release
glvis-d15634d151.tgz N/A Jul 2013 170K 22K Development release
glvis-2.0.tgz v2.0 Nov 2011 158K 20K
glvis-v1.2.tgz v1.2 Apr 2011 150K 19K
glvis-v1.1.tgz v1.1 Sep 2010 148K 19K
glvis-v1.0.tgz v1.0 Jul 2010 144K 18K Initial release